Amano is a small, designer-owned studio & workshop where all products are made by hand, on-premise.  Each item undergoes a labor intensive design & construction process, using a combination of old and new-world techniques to produce a final product that will stand the test of time. All Amano Goods are sold with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship.


Amano is committed to providing heirloom quality goods, hand-crafted from ethical and sustainable materials.  Our leather is hand selected from traditional tanneries across the globe, who only utilize centuries old plant-based tanning techniques. This "veg tanned" leather is always a byproduct of the meat industry, and takes anywhere from 4 weeks to a year to produce.

All hardware (buckles, rivets, snaps, etc.) is of the highest quality solid brass or stainless steel.  Stitching is done by hand, using a traditional saddle stitch with high-strength, waxed polyester or linen cable.  The resulting stitch is stronger than a machine stitch, and is guaranteed for life.