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Hi! I'm Adan, and I am the designer and creator of Amano.  I started Amano as a place to bring together my interests in design, sustainability, and traditional craftsmanship.  I wanted a company that stood against fast consumerism, and advocated for quality hand-made goods over cheap, mass-produced (and short-lived) alternatives.  After several attempted iterations of the idea, I settled on Amano as a literal and figurative representation of hand-crafted quality, since "a mano" means by hand in both Spanish and Italian. 


With that ethos, I focus on creating enduring and beautiful everyday items, made using ethically sourced, natural materials.  Amano Goods are designed to be minimalist, genderless, and timeless.

My commitment to quality means:


• Only ethically sourced, vegetable-tanned leather 


• Timeless design & traditional construction techniques


• A Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee


"Buy less, choose well" - Vivian Westwood

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