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The last belt you will ever need.  This is our 1" wide belt with a silver horsehoe buckle and mirrored D ring.  Made from solid, full-grain vegetable tanned leather that will never come apart, and only gets better with age. 


All of our belts are handmade in-house from the best vegetable tanned leathers in the world.  First, we cut straps by hand using a century-old tool called a plough gauge, that was used to make horse tack for the British Royal Horse Artillery in WWI.  The straps are then hand beveled, sanded, and burnished in a multi-stage process resulting in a glass-smooth edge.  Finally, we triple-rivet our exclusively sourced, solid-brass Japanese buckles, with the end product being equal parts refined luxury, and hand-crafted quality.

Amano Belt - Tan with Silver Horseshoe Buckle

  • Belt sizes are NOT the same as pant sizes, which vary depending on manufacturer.  While there are various ways to measure, our preferred method for the best fit is from the INSIDE of the end of the buckle (where the tongue meets the groove) to the hole you most comfortably use.  To easily find this measurement, lay your existing belt flat and measure with a tape measure.  This will be the middle hole of your new belt, so there will be several inches on either side allowing for variances in waist size and/or pant height.

  • We exclusively use vegetable tanned leather sourced from the best tanneries in the world. This natural, durable, and richly colored leather is made using tannins from tree bark and plant matter, is non-toxic (unlike most other leather), and will last a lifetime with proper care.  


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